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rhythmic time (1/7) Dot Samsen (dot man can do) and Kanittha Mairaing

Created by Florian Dussopt, EM table is an experimental object that is able to produce a localised electromagnetic field when switched on. The aim of the project is to explore less known aspect of energies, electromagnetic possibilities and possible new interactions.

This table is able to light up fluorescent tubes within a short range without any physical contact. An electronic circuit is embedded in the table and turns a low current into an electromagnetic field, acting directly on the gas within the fluorescent tube. The table renders energy that is otherwise invisible. Florian advises to keep mobile devices away from the table when it is switched on.

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Gadget for the Caveman 4

Gadget for the Caveman 4

Gadgets for the Caveman installation view ~ Parsons the MFA Design and Technology Thesis Show 2013

Nikhil with Gadgets for the Caveman by Nidhi Malhotra

Thank you:

Studio Professors:  

Marko Tandefelt, 

Loretta Wolozin (writing)

Joel Murphy, Jeff Crouse
~ Spacial thanks to Reuven Israel

Thesis paper submitted!